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amazing book!!!

Phoenix Rising - Elise Faber


Omg, I don't know if I've got the right words to express just how much I loved this book. The storyline, the characters, the writing, are all brilliantly conveyed in an outstanding story! I've had a rough go of reading anything otherworldly lately, but this book has certainly put my faith back into the fantasy/sci-fi/paranormal world!

Daughtry is such a sassy determined young woman for having such a terrible year. She got dumped by her fiancée, lost her job, and she just got evicted. Oh and did I mention that for the last year, anytime she touches someone, she sees their death and only makes it worse when trying to intervene? Yeah!

But when an old friend, John, comes to town, Cody, our hero of the story, and trouble follow. Fighting off the Dalshie, the super creepy and evil bad guys, they make their way to the colony. There Daughtry learns that not only is she Rengalla, the name of the magical being that she is, but she's an Oracle! And a highly favored and sought after one!

With the help of Cody, Daughtry must learn how to control her visions, protect herself from the Dalshie and the darkness that threatens to overtake her, and learn to give in to the magical power of love that binds her with her soulmate. Because this book has one amazingly, deep, and powerful love story that pulled me in hard! In fact it's when Daughtry thinks these words when she finally realizes what she truly means to Cody and their bond:

It hit her. She, not some perfect plastic-Barbie-doll version of herself, had caused him to feel that way. He wanted her as she was.

This book is not one to pass up. Please read it! You will love it! I'm off to start the second book, because I crave more Daughtry, Cody, and Elise Faber!