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Blocked (Gold Hockey Novels) (Volume 1) - Elise Faber

Elise Faber has struck again! I read this book in one sitting! And then I immediately read it over again. If that's not a testament to how astonishing Blocked is, then I don't know what is. Not only is this one awesome sports book but its got the sultry romance, deceptive scandal, and one amazing plot turn after the other.

What I loved most about Brit was that she defied the odds. She entered a mans world, balls, or in this case, pucks, to the wall! She doesn't show her fear to her teammates and her first day on the job only proves how driven and determined she is to show how serious she is in a male driven sport. But don't let her tough girl, spirited self fool you. When Stefan enters the picture, gone is the tomboy macho girl, and instead we get a glimpse of the vulnerable, feminine Brit who turns into a gooey welcomed mess! Between falling for Stefan, living through a scary past, and fighting for the future of her career, Brit is one hell of a woman!

Stefan has a lot of catching up to do with his team. As captain, he's determined to turn the Gold's losing streak, and their tarnished reputations, around. Add to the fact that he's the sole caretaker for his ill, but spunky and charismatic, mother (a storyline that will no doubt tug at your heart strings!),his plate is full. His ability and drive to make this a winning season is in jeopardy though.

Together, their fast forming friendship turns into a slow, achingly lustful romance that burns the sheets through and through. This was by far one of the best build-ups I've read in a very long time and the moment they finally come together, you can't help but cheer. But their romance is tested right from the start and until Brit can tell the truth to Stefan, they will never be truly together.

One of the things that I loved most about this book is Elise made you not only fall for Brit and Stefan, but she made you open your heart to Blane, Mandy, and Dan. Add in the comedic aspects (I flipped my lid over the Star Wars and SNL references), the devious and malicious acts of Susan, Jessica and Mike and this book has what it takes to be a sure fire hit!