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Frost: A Rendezvous Collection - Elise Faber, K.D. Wood, C. C. Ravanera, Kelly Martin

***this review focuses on Fire and Ice by Elise Faber***

Once again Elise Faber knocks it out of the park! Fire and Ice finally tells us the story of Stephanie and Dom, characters from the Phoenix/LexTal stories that Elise so beautifully told.

I love reading about characters that share a past. It's troubled and complicated. Strained at best. They've both built up a heavy guard around their hearts. But it's that struggle that I love seeing two characters, who are meant to be together, work through for a chance at anything and everything- happiness, peace, and love.

But their journey is not an easy one. Finding twists and turns wherever they look, the two must not only try to mend what was, but survive at everything life throws at them in the process.

I love reading Elise's stories and I can't wait to see what's next for her characters! This collection is definitely a must read!

Now I'm off to read the rest of the stories by some amazing authors :)

***arc received in exchange for an honest review***