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Dark Phoenix (Phoenix Series) (Volume 2) - Elise Faber

I dove straight into this book as soon as I finished the first. This series so far has been nothing short of an addiction and the next fix can't come soon enough!

This book starts off with a bang and ends with an explosion! From the beginning, things between Daughtry and Cody are unstable, strained, and dangerous starting with the return of the real Caroline. And things only plummet for the two bondmates, and soon, the rest of Daughtry's friends follow suit.

But unbeknownst to Daughtry, the threat of the Dalshie is even more treacherous as she learns who is truly behind their attacks. And after choosing to leave the compound, she starts a journey that will either make or break her relationships with those she's become close to.

Can she and Cody repair the damage that threatens to rip apart their bond for good? Will the friendships she's forged prove to be strong enough to survive the deception? And can Daughtry power through to save her friends and family with the Dalshie still hunting her down?

Whatever you do, make sure you read this and Phoenix Rising. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite fantasy/sci-fi series ever, and Elise Faber is certainly making her way to my top favorites!